Kotzmann Drums & Sound


Kotzmann offers that sweet sound you're looking for. Be it a full-blown heavy metal galore or an intimate jazz trio setting, KOTZMANNSOUND is the sound you're looking for.

Offering studio and live drums, complete music productions, drumsamples and lessons, Max Kotzmann is your weapon of choice when it comes to a professional and authentic (drum)sound.



RAUKE & KOTZMANN Schraubtisch Live @ Zwack Studio 2020

KOTZMANN just released the video to their song GHUL! Transhumanize now!.....   >>cmd:ghl.trnshmnze.exe<<

After a succesfull Premiere at the Mercatorhalle Duisburg in April 2019, the German percussion group Repercussion will have the possibility to again perform their beat#02 show at several locations. Find the official trailer here or join us live in the upcoming dates:


Dec 11th 2019 - Theatre de Ville / Brussels

Dec 19th 2019 - Philharmonie  / Cologne

May 1st 2020 - 440Hz / Düsseldorf

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